Broche en argent 950 et corde de guitare plaquée or 24k

The brooch « Self-reflections » aims to illustrate that wearing jewellery is a communicative act where self-perception and perception of the other are interwoven. 

The brooch is made of a series of mirrors, radiating around a semi-sphere, reminding the other that every interaction he has with the outside world brings him ultimately back to himself.

Pièce unique
Demande de prix

How are privacy, means the time we spend alone and social interaction, means the time we spend with others, linked ?

Private time is often seen as an opportunity to think and meditate about our human condition.

But how well do we get to know ourselves ? And how do we raise consciousness, meaning being aware of who we are and what is going on in our mind ? We always have struggled to comprehend the nature of consciousness and its origin, but self reflection through social interaction might be one of the key factors.
In fact, consciousness of self arises within social acts by virtue of self taking the perspective of other. When we interact to get to know the other, we in fact get to know ourself by becoming other for ourself. This is also true for wearing jewellery : via body adornment we express ourselves through pieces we have often not even consciously chosen but driven by intuition. Therefor, jewellery is a tool of communication and sharing since the way others look at us wearing these pieces can reveal something about ourselves.

Therefor, wearing a piece of jewellery is not only an opportunity to tell something about you : the way the other is looking at it may help him not only to learn about the wearer, but in the end, reveal him something about himself.

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